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A little how it began

The idea originally started with my niece Jada pictured below with her sister Jelissa. She asked me to have a picnic for her 11th birthday! This is why the company's name started as Picnic Party SD (the registered name)  I have always been a part of  planning my nieces birthdays as well as  friends    birthdays,  coordinating and helping with the planning process of weddings,  engagements, proposals, housewarmings, etc.! Literally you name  it and I     have most likely done it! I absolutely    enjoy     events!

I know how stressful planning any event can be for most people,  it really does not have to be!  I love putting all the details togehter for you!! That's  where I thrive! Picnics literally started in the mist of covid! As we were all scared of getting together, the fear of catching the virus however  we all  missed each other sooooo much we thought it would be safe and wise to have a picnic outside!!


As Picnics continued to grow it also led me to larger events and  a place that I have always loved....Weddings! Now that's a lot of planning and its no picnic!


I  understand that it takes time to plan, and it is not everyone’s strength! It just comes natural to me possibly because I just love it!  Like I mentioned earlier I have always hosted gatherings and I just absolutely love putting it all together for you!!   l    get pure enjoyment out of it! The way that I  can change the way someone feels is the best feeling in the world,  even if its just for a few hours!   My thoughts became  all so much clearer when I realized that planning picnics was a way for me to get to use my creative side.  I get to   take the stress off of planning and just have it ready for you!!  Now  that I have a handful of weddings under my belt I am excited to see where it goes and  excited to continue on this beautiful journey  helping you plan and make your day everything your dreamed of and more!

Take some time to explore the site and feel free to reach out if you would like to chat or collaborate on a project together! If you are looking for a wedding planner and a forever friend as some have said in their thank you notes to me I am your girl!



My nieces Jada (L) Jelissa (R)
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