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Do I really need to hire a Full Service Wedding Planner?

Updated: Mar 27

The answer is yes! You do as it will save you money in the long run!

First you need to interview several wedding planners. You will be spending a lot of time communicating, so find someone that you like, that matches you! Make sure to ask what their services cover and what is not included. Do your research to know how to ask those two questions. For comparison, here are a few of the items the full-service planning company like Stargazer Event Co includes. We guide you through and manage from start to end! The whole process we will be holding your hand!

•Vendor meetings

• Customized vision/inspiration board tailored to client’s unique style & personality

• Assist with invitations and design

• Event day coordination & supervision

• Provide month-by-month planning checklist

• Monthly check-ins and/or in-person meetings leading up to event

• RSVP and guest list management

• vendor recommendations

• Proposal Reviews

• Review all vendor contracts

• Rain contingency plan (plan B)

• Catering negotiation, communication, and menu development

• Timeline management

• Final site walkthrough to review logistics, finalize details, and discuss event flow with all

applicable vendors

• Sourcing & Rental recommendation

• Confirm all vendor orders and quantities on rentals

• Review and proof Banquet Event Order (BEO)

provided by catering vendor

• Provide welcome party, rehearsal dinner, and

farewell brunch recommendations

• Develop event diagram(s)/layout(s)

• Discuss the couples inspiration and brainstorm design style, ideas, and implementation

One of the biggest obstacles that couples face is that they don't understand what they truly need! When it comes to wedding planning services are all over the place and so is the pricing! No two planners are the same and since it isn't regulated there is no is set plan of what should be offered for full service wedding planning. It not like hiring an attorney or going to the dentist where you know what to expect. Also just because one planner is cheaper than another isn’t necessarily better, and just because two pros say they offer full-service wedding planning doesn’t mean that they offer all the same services. This is why it is important to understand what services you truly need. Some planners charge by the hour, some a percentage and while others charge a flat fee. At Star Gazer Event Co we do a flat fee based on size of wedding and what service you will need. Although there may be similarities no wedding is the same. We are all different and have different wants and desires so we have to adjust to the needs of the couples that hire us to be fair and still make sure that the expectations of the client are met.

Still undecided on what you need? Send us an email and lets schedule a chat to help narrow it down for you.

email us at let us know how we can help!

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