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My wedding was a mess because I didn't know I needed a timeline!

Today I’m giving you all my tips on wedding day timelines and why they are important to have. If you don’t know what a wedding timeline is, don't worry! I actually didn’t have a clue when I was getting married in 2010! A wedding timeline is just a guide of events that happen on the day of your wedding! Each event will have a designated times that they will be happening. Pretty simple right? A wedding timeline is normally something your wedding planner puts together to keep everyone organized the day of your wedding. If you don’t have a wedding planner then that would be the day of coordinator. Most venues require you to have a day of wedding coordinator!

When & Where?

Timelines let your wedding party and family members know the when and where of the events and they also tell your wedding vendors a little more information about your day. Now not to say that this timeframe of events will be exact because but it does give everyone a heads up on what’s happening next. I will say that having a wedding planner or someone designated for this helps so much on keeping everything on time and organizing your big day.

When will your vendors arrive?

When you plan out your timeline it’s so important to know when your vendors will arrive. This includes hair and makeup! The flowers are such an important part of the day and making sure they arrive before your photographer is key. They will be able to take as many photos beforehand as possible and also with hair and makeup its nice to capture those moments when you are getting ready with your party!

When will dinner be served?

The next vendor to check with is catering, what time will dinner be ready to serve? This truly determines most of your events at your reception and hey, who doesn’t love when dinner is ready!

When is the ceremony?

This one is a huge factor in almost every aspect of planning your wedding day, all the way from the invitations, to the reception time. This is something that photographers will highly recommend you checking the sunset times before you set your ceremony time. If you’re having a natural light wedding photographer this is a big factor in making sure your portraits are taken in the most beautiful sunlight. We always recommend checking the sunset online for the exact date of your wedding day. Then once you know what time the sun is setting you can plan accordingly, before setting your ceremony time check with your photographer to make sure there is enough light for your portraits.

Dj /Band Can make announcements

Timelines are a wonderful tool for your DJ or band. It helps them to know when to announce what’s happening next. Having a great DJ or band not only helps keep your wedding events flowing but always ensures the bride and groom can enjoy dancing the night away.

I hoped this helped to explain the wedding day timeline a little more and why we think they are so important. If you have any more questions about making a wedding timeline reach out to always happy to help!

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Bride & Groom; Pamela & Jerry Motacek, wedding venue

Bride Jennifer Gordon

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