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Wedding Trends for 2024

As we move towards the year 2024, we can expect to see some exciting new trends in the world of weddings. Here are some potential ideas that could be popular!

Eco-friendly weddings that prioritize sustainability and minimal waste.

Intimate weddings with smaller guest lists, possibly due to continued concerns about public health and the rise of costs!!

Non-traditional venues, such as art galleries or outdoor locations.

Bold color schemes and unique floral arrangements.

Interactive experiences for guests, such as food and drink stations or DIY activities

Technology integration, such as live streaming the ceremony for remote guests.

Personalized touches, such as custom cocktails or favors that reflect the couple's interests and personalities.

Of course, these are just a few possibilities - ultimately, the most important thing is that the wedding reflects the couple's own style and preferences.

Whether you looking for ways to protect Mother Earth whole you celebrate your big day or are just simply wanting a small gathering so that you increase your engagement with your guests. Send me an email at

What ever part of planning your at we are here to help and can help guide you to save you time and money!!

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